How to choose the right extension for you

How to choose the right extension for you

Extensions can be an amazing thing to add to your hair. Whether it’s to add length, volume, or a pop of colour; the options are endless. However, after making the big decision to change up your hairstyle you’re faced with the even bigger decision of what kind? There are a few different options when selecting extensions for example;

Micro Link

This is a method where a small section of you hair is pulled through a bead that is attached to a small piece of extension and clamped shut.


· Since the strands are individual strands, the movement of hair looks more natural. This also means they’re easier to hide when putting your hair up in any way.

· There is no heat or glue needed.

· They can last up to 6 months if properly cared for.

· The hair is reusable and any strands that slips or falls out can be fixed.


· This is a timely method and depending on the amount of hair can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to install.

· The beads tend to slip more easily compared to other methods.

Tape in

This is where the extensions is applied using double sided polyurethane tape. The extensions are about 1 inch in width and are sandwiched with your hair in between.


· Fastest application only 45-60 minutes

· Panels lay flat so they are virtually undetectable

· Safest method as weight is distributed out on a larger panel.

· Reusable and usually last 6-8 weeks.


· Can’t wash hair or excessivley sweat for 24-48 hours after installation.

· any oil or silicone based product directly on the adhesive can cause slipping.

Beaded wefts

This is the process where a weft, similar to that of clip in extensions, is placed in the hair and small strands of your hair are grabbed from behind and under the weft with a bead clamped around them securing the weft in place.


· Fast installation, usually 60 minutes.

· Can add a lot of volume and length.

· One of the cheaper options.

· Can last 3-6 months if properly cared for


· Harder to hide the wefts when styling hair up.

· have to get them moved up every 6 weeks.

· if left a long duration of time without being moved up they can mat.

Clip ins

These are wefts of hair with clips that are put in and taken out daily.


· Greater versatility as you can put in and take out hair as needed.

· non-commitment, you can change your colour and style more often.

· Hair can be taken out without going to the salon.

· low maintence.

· cheapest option.

· last 6 months to a year if cared for properly.


· Must be removed before bed.

· Hard to hide with thin hair, can be too bulky or heavy for thin hair.

· Have to be put upside down to wear high hairstyles.