Hudson Women and a Man in a small town!

Hudson Women and a Man in a small town!
Living in a small town can pose a problem when trying to find true talent if you need professional, creative, and hardworking individuals; but we had the best of luck at finding our team. Each one of them are crazy talented at what they do. Hands down, big time artists with personal, small town heart.
Stacey – Always the most positive, warming, personable member of the team, helping to ground our family and does a mean men’s cut!
Kristal – Our sarcastic; funny, saucy stylist with a heart of gold and funky colour in her blood!
Maggie– Soft and quiet temperament, always professional manner, giving her clients 100% satisfaction, with her very natural organic feel with colour and heart!
Rhea– Although gorgeous and tiny, she puts her undivided attention to each of her clients and absolutely loves what she does each and everyday, and her work shows that.
Ricki – Our newest member to our team without a doubt completes us. Hilarious, naturally talented with her work, and always a pleasure to be around.
Julia – Our lovely, happy, beautiful warming esthetician. Her personality in itself is naturally taking care of others and she does just that with extreme detail and perfection.
Robyn – Beautiful and positive with the best smile; she is truly passionate about skin care and it shows with her knowledge and experience.
Tammy – Our sister and organization queen, who is always on the go thinking of other ways to improve our working environment, always reliable with a heart of gold and funny as hell!
Denise– Our Mom figuratively and literally, always multitasking and helping all the team with anything that they need, and not afraid of hard work but always happy, friendly, and positive.
Chris– Customer service is his passion, he is always happy, hardworking and on the go. He is a great asset to an all woman’s environment but fits right in like a glove!
These people we have named, we don’t just employ, we trust them everyday, we treasure them everyday, and we are grateful everyday that we have such a team to devoted our lives too. They make this small town we love in Muskoka the best in the world!