Hudson Massage

Relaxation Massage

30 Minute Relaxation Massage 30 mins $50

Feel your tension and muscle stress melt away as your back, neck, and scalp are massaged using Swedish massage techniques

Full Body Relaxation Massage 60 mins $80

Enjoy the soothing and relaxing atmosphere while your entire body is pampered using Swedish massage techniques. Full body massage includes front of the legs, hands, arms, back of the legs, back, and scalp massage

Hot Stone Massage 30 mins $40

A perfect massage for the busy person on the go! Feel pampered as hot stones are used in combination with Swedish massage techniques. The hot stones aid in relaxation, increase of circulation, and a warm soothing feeling as they are used.

Full Body Hot Stone Massage 60 mins $90

Feel your entire body melt in relaxation as hot stones in combination with Swedish massage techniques.