The Hudson Hair Salon and Spa Scholarship Fund

Our Mission

To help deserving students receive financial assistance for the professional training necessary to build successful, long-term carrers in the cosmetology industry.


The Hudson Hair Salon and Spa Scholarship Fund will be starting and commencing on Sunday, August 22nd, 2021.

We are a family owned and operated business within the Muskoka region since 2013. Born and raised in this community, we have been able to see and experience the love and support of the town and surrounding areas. So many incredible people and businesses alike in our community show what it is like
to live in such an incredible part of the Country! We are beyond thrilled to be able to provide services to the public that really do boost ones self-confidence in everyway. Our team dedicates themselves to treating every guest with the utmost care, compassion while they strive to give the best service possible.

We have always tried to get involved in our community since we opened our doors in 2013. We love to donate our services, money and time to ones in need.

Coming into the second year of Covid, we are really re-thinking what we can do to help and creating a scholarship program for students wanting to enter into the Beauty Field we are in. We are passionate about this field and believe it can be so much more than just hair and skin!!!


The purpose of the TRUST is to establish a scholarship program for the benefit of worthy students of good character in High School who need fiancial aid to assist them in obtaining a college education in the beauty field.


  • Applicants must be graduates of Huntsville High School.
  • Award winner must apply and be accepted into a Beauty School
  • Winner is to turn in an essay to The Hudson Hair Salon and Spa regarding why they are deserving of the funds and this will be reviewing with Huntsville High School.


Applicants will be selected based on the following:

  • Scholastic ability
  • Financial need
  • Personal character