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Weddings are what excites our team! You will experience the passion that they have for their craft. Kindness and love for their craft sets the tone for all our bridal party experiences . With over 6 years spent perfecting their skills, we are recognized for creating immaculate and on-trend looks for brides and their people.

We specialize in weddings and because of that, our business is created to cater to them. Our updated, Muskoka luxury style is key to our success.

Ensuring you have the best possible hair and makeup on your very, special day is actually not all about the hair or face! These tips are an essential guide to starting your wedding day of right. Beginning from the moment you wake up, creating the right atmosphere and setup ahead of time will ensure you have a stress free morning full of bubbly and girly fun. Get ready to take notes brides-to-be...

wedding at the hudson

1. Timelines are key

When it comes to your wedding day, it is absolutely crucial that you have a timeline in place to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Make sure you talk to your photographer to find out what time they require all beauty services to be completed, so there is no confusion with your timelines for the wedding day morning most beauty vendors will provide a specific schedule for their services. However, if they do not provide that info, you will need to create your own schedule and allocate time slots for each member of your bridal party. If you are the one creating this time line for your bridal party, keep these time frames in line.

2. Create The Mood with Music

Music can set the perfect vibe and ambiance for you and your bridal squad. Make sure to include the perfect playlist while everyone is getting read and reminiscing. Don't forget to bring a speaker!!!

3. Prep your space

With so much going on the day of, make sure you think about the space you decide to get everyone ready in. Typically, the best rooms to get ready in are large enough for your makeup artist, hairstylists and of course your bridesmaids. If able, designate specific areas for each beauty team. Try to place your makeup spot close to nature light if at all possible. Natural light is the best light hands down for makeup application. Also, make sure to have the hairstylist team near available outlets for hot tools. Clear off a couple tables and set up chairs so the beauty team can get started right away.

4. Steam those dresses

Make sure to steam all those dresses before your beauty team arrives. No one wants to feel all that humidity while getting their hair and makeup done.

wedding at the hudson
wedding at the hudson

5. Hang veil and dresses

No one wants wrinkles, so make sure to remove all dresses and veil from their bags and allow them to hang and the fabric to settle. This also allows for some great photos!

6. Food for the crew

Nutritional snacks will help get you and your bridal party through the long and busy day. Don't forget to brew some hot, fresh coffee too!

These are a few things that help your wedding party and the whole wedding experience stress-free and fun!

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