Hudson Manicures


Business Men's Manicure 30 mins

Begins with a relaxing hand soak, meticulous cuticle care, buffing, and shaping of the nail. Completed with a pampering hand massage.

PolyGel Manicure (with or without tips - time varies)

PolyGel is a flexible lighteight and stronger nail enhancement. Providing the best of both worlds between BioGel and Acrylic. PolyGel is cured with UV/LED light, breathable and flexible like a bio gel, moldable and hard like an acrylic without the odour.

Classic Manicure 40 mins

Meticulous cuticle care, followed by shaping nails to desired look and buffing to perfection. Feel the tension and stress melt away during a luxurious hand massage. The Classic Manicure is completed with a polish application.

Gelish Manicure 60 mins

Treatment begins with an invigorating hand soak. Meticulous care is taken with cuticles to ensure all dead skin is removed. Desired length and shape of the nail is completed along with buffing the nail to perfection. The gelish manicure is completed with a durable gel polish that will last 2-3 weeks.

Prince + Princess Manicure (up to 12 yrs old)

Hand soak, clip and file nails. Cuticles pushed back, hand massage and choice of nail colour.

Gel Polish Soak Off 15 minutes

Removal of gel polish safely and effectively

Paraffin Hand Treatment 20 minutes

For dry cracked hands take some time to treat your skin. Includes a hand scrub and paraffin wax treatment

***Upgrade any manicure to a Hudson Specialty Manicure which includes a hand scrub and paraffin wax treatment for $10***